Trading in UAETrading in UAE is not limited to only experts , it is suitable for everyone. Anyone in the UAE can trade foreign currencies with international currency trading companies. They don’t need to travel to their countries of origin. However, most investors living in the United Arab Emirates prefer to deal with best trading companies in the Arab country. These companies generally have an Arab support department and local clients in addition to providing Islamic accounts. This accounts comply with Islamic law.

Online forex trading in Dubai

The best currency companies trading in UAE 2018 and online forex trading in Dubai  are licensed companies. They are all licensed by one of the international regulators in the field of trading, namely:

1. British Regulatory Authority FCA

2. American regulatory body NFA

3. Swiss regulatory body FINMA

4. The Australian Censorship Authority ASIC

5. The New Zealand Regulatory Authority

Trading in UAE

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First: Why choose a trading company in the UAE?

The best Forex companies in the United Arab Emirates  are characterized by three basic characteristics which is why you choose a currency trading company within the UAE or a global company with an Arab support department that provides services to investors in the United Arab Emirates.

A- Technical Support Section in Arabic

The fact that your broker’s support department speaks the same native language is very important. Even if you are fluent in English and understand the solution the company offers you.

As you know, success in trading requires speed and wisdom.

B – Islamic accounts compliant with Islamic law

When it comes to currency trading in the U A E, Islamic Forex accounts are essential. To escape the impasse and trap of usury and fall into the forbidden trade range.
Services that the best currency trading companies in the UAE cannot provide

There are 7 services that every investor needs. When no Forex company can provide, and if it does, it is against the regulatory rules.

Regulatory rules

1. Forex trading companies in the UAE cannot provide forex investors with forex buy or sell recommendations.
2. Forex trading companies in the United Arab Emirates cannot provide the investor with prices and markets (up / down).
3. Forex trading companies in the U A E cannot control your financial transactions (withdrawal / deposit).
4. Currency trading companies in the U A E can never provide portfolio management service.
5. Forex trading companies in the United Arab Emirates cannot offer bonus deposits without minimum trading volume conditions.
6. Currency trading companies in the U-A-E cannot use bank accounts not in their trade name.
7 – Forex trading companies in the United Arab Emirates can not provide account managers. You are trading in UAE on your own.

To do a perfect forex trading in uae, make sure to keep in mind:

• Trading Platform:

The Forex trading platform provided for use by all forex companies must be an important consideration. Then deciding on account opening. The trading platform is used for placing orders, checking forex news, values with technical analysis, trading account management. Sometimes the platform is provided by a third party but in many cases it is a special application developed. These is designed or modified by a Forex broker. Comparing the features offered in the different versions of both the platform are important. Higher levels is essential in assessing whether the platform is right for you.

• Learn forex trading in Dubai:

The more you learn forex trading in Dubai, the more you trade. Some brokers focus strongly on education. They offer a range of different places to learn, such as videos, webinars and more. Most brokers’ websites publish daily – and sometimes weekly – news updates and analysis. Many provide additional basic analysis of what is happening in the market. The economic calendar lists financial events from around the world. Different computers help traders calculate interest margin, points, profits and more.

• Rewards and promotions:

Some brokers consider rewards and promotions an important way to attract and offer new customers generously. Welcome bonuses or loyalty bonuses are common and add significantly to the trader’s account balance. Some brokers have come up with unique promotions such as cash prizes, electronic devices and even cars or trips.

Online trading in UAE

• Fees:

In most cases, there is no fee with opening an account with Forex trading companies. Some companies charge deposit or withdrawal fees, while others do not charge any fees. When deciding which Forex company you will open an account with, you should check all the fees charged. Especially the percentage of points involved in the losses and profits, as they determine the final outcome of the trade.

Are you going to take a part in forex online trading in UAE, we recommend trading with a strong licensed company. For example  companies licensed by a central bank in particular Arab or Gulf.

Best stock brokers in Dubai

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Forex trading in Dubai legal ?

Is Forex trading in Dubai legal and what you should kno about this business. Currency trading and Forex trading are very popular among the general public of the UAE and there are many forex and currency trading companies that target UAE customers through online advertising and social networking sites.

Do not trade with companies based outside the Gulf region whatever….
Only companies that we consider reliable are officially licensed and strongly based in the same country. Licensed by an Arab or Gulf central bank. If you have questions about our articles, you can contact us on About us by email. We answer quickly, but latest within the next 24 hours.

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* T&C's apply