Online trading in UAE

Online trading in UAEWhat is online trading in uae? Online trading is the process of buying and selling financial products online through a trading platform. These platforms are usually provided by online brokers and are available to anyone wishing to make money from the market.

iFOREX Brokers

Most trading brokers, such as iFOREX, offer a variety of financial products including stocks, foreign exchange market commodities, forex indices (forex). While trading stocks like google stocks or buying and selling commodities such as gold or silver may be known, Forex trading in UAE has gained extreme popularity in the last few years due to some of the major advantages it offers.

What is Forex and Online Trading in UAE ?

To simplify the answer, imagine that you are preparing for a trip to New York and that you have spent 500 euros to US dollars. But after a week, unfortunately, your trip was canceled and you decided to spend and convert your USD again into euros. Surprisingly, the process ended with € 505 instead of € 500: you won € 5! All of this works also for online forex trading in Dubai .

This is known as profitable forex trading in UAE. You initially bought a dollar at a certain exchange rate and in the week that followed the dollar appreciated against the euro.

Even without that, you managed to earn a small amount by buying the US dollar at a low price and selling it again when its price rose – the goal of any successful trade.

These days you don’t have to go to the bank or exchange office, or even leave your home for this process – you can simply trade Forex online using your computer or even your mobile phone.

As mentioned above, from the palm of your palm you can trade forex, which includes foreign currencies such as the US dollar or euro, a variety of commodities such as gold or oil and even the main market indicators.

How to open a deal

Opening a deal depends on three steps:
Select the instrument, enter the trade size and click Buy or Sell


Get a sense of trading from a unique simulator.
You can also learn forex trading in Dubai  about our advanced and customizable platforms here.

Investment in DFM and NASDAQ Dubai is available to holders of different nationalities regardless of country of residence. Therefore, any individual or institution can apply for an Investor Number from the Clearing, Settlement and Depository Sector in the DFM in order to trade securities listed on the two exchanges.

So this briefly explains how to do online trading in uae securities listed on DFM and NASDAQ Dubai through the DFM, whether you are a new DFM trader looking to open an investor account, or are an existing investor looking to manage your portfolio more effectively.

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