Forex trading in Dubai legal

Forex trading in dubai legalIs Forex trading in Dubai legal and what you should kno about this business. Currency trading and Forex trading are very popular among the general public of the UAE and there are many forex and currency trading companies that target UAE customers through online advertising and social networking sites.

Fores Trading in Dubai legal

Licensed Companies

Forex trading in Dubai is legal?  The best currency trading companies in the UAE are those who are fully legal, registered or affiliated with the British Financial Supervisory Authority – FCA.


There are other regulatory bodies such as the Swiss regulator – FINMA, the Australian regulator – ASIC, the New Zealand Capital Markets Authority – FMA, and the United States oversight body – NFA.


But the FSA is the best and best broker to follow.


Licensed forex companies in dubai – licensed trading companies in uae 2019/2020

The real problem is that most of these companies, which market themselves feverishly, are forex companies that are not reliable and unsafe and I do not recommend trading and dealing through them.


Knowing that many UAE customers have fallen victim to forex and trading quorum companies and lost their money in many ways or rather (trading companies and forex quorum took over their money).

Forex trading in UAE

Now we will know together the conditions that must be met in the best licensed Forex companies in Abu Dhabi and the best trading companies and Forex trading in UAE and in the United Arab Emirates:

  • Authorized and reliable licensing as trusted trading companies must be licensed by one of the world renowned authorities in the field of trading and forex licenses such as British license, US license, European license, Hongkong license or UAE Central Bank license.
  • Trusted trading companies must have a very clear address (known headquarters) and any client can visit.
  • Reliable trading companies offer Islamic accounts services or Islamic trading services free of fees and interest is prohibited under the law, which is one of the most important considerations that we care about as Arab and Gulf customers. These Islamic accounts must be real without any fraud or other side fees.
  • Reliable trading companies must provide technical and technical support at the highest levels, which contribute to the achievement of high profits and success in trading foreign currencies.
  • Reliable trading companies must be one of the financial sources approved and trusted by all major Gulf banks where they must be away from the suspicion of fraud and fraud and practiced fraud and suspicion of dirty money and money laundering.
  • Reliable trading companies are companies based on the principle of integrity and transparency is not intimidation and does not amplify the subject of rapid and large and massive profit.
  • Reliable trading companies are companies that have a distinguished, large and professional staff in the field of providing financial services online.
  • Trusted trading companies have a reliable and easy-to-use trading platform such as MetaTrader 4 and 5.
  • Reliable trading companies maintain the privacy of customers and the confidentiality of their information to ensure all standards of integrity.
  • Reliable trading companies have demo accounts that are identical to real accounts and also provide the necessary training if the client needs it.

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